Optimised Cargo Handling And Scheduling

To optimise your cargo handling and delivery time we utilize complex algorithms to schedule trips, driver breaks and delivery time. We make use of systems like FLO and PLATO to ensure your product is delivered in time. As a client it is our duty to inform you on the progress of your load so we use FLO and PLATO to automatically update you via SMS or email on key milestones in the transition of your load. You can also login to our track and trace platform to track the progress of your load through our track and trace option.

Sars And Zimra Registered Import And Exporter

MaCows Haulage is a registered goods import and exporter we hold a number of import permits in Zimbabwe and South Africa. We are therefore able to source and transit any product on the behalf of our client. This means the client can avoid all the hassles of border clearances and licensing. It should be noted that extra charges and commissions apply in the event that we supply a customer with this service.

Quick Border Clearance

We work with reputable clearing agents with bonded warehouses across Southern Africa. This ensures a quick turnaround for our trucks and business services. Some of the clearing agents we work with include: Speed link services Zimbabwe, Kuhn + Nigel, Mosfreight Pvt Ltd, E & S logistics and SDV Zambia. Our strategy team is always available at every border post to ensure a convenient and safe passage of your goods.

Track and Trace

We know how valuable your cargo is, that’s why we offer our customers a Track and Trace platform that allows them to monitor their cargo’s progress throughout its journey, just by entering a user name and password. New clients can contact any of our agents and offices for the latest load information.